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Oklahoma Digital Prairie is your entrance to the state collection of online services and resources.
The areas found here include documents, photographs, reports, pamphlets, posters, maps, audio/visual content and online research databases.

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More Resources for Oklahoma Research


>Gateway to Oklahoma History 

The Gateway is an online repository of Oklahoma history. You may browse through hundreds of thousands of newspaper pages dating from the 1840s to the 1920s.

The Gateway provides free access to 572,915 unique items, comprising 1,663,203 files.


>Historical Society Research Division.

The Oklahoma Historical Society was founded in 1893 by members of the Oklahoma Territory Press Association. In 1918 OHS was relocated to the State Capitol, and in 1930 moved to the Wiley Post building. Over the years OHS has developed numerous collections and programs and now has 35 museums and historic sites statewide.

The Historical Society provides access to 27 online databases and indexes.


>County Courthouses in Oklahoma

Most genealogical information, such as marriages, divorces, wills and probate may usually be obtained from the Court Clerk in each county in Oklahoma. The land records are usually with the County Clerk in each county. Information gathered by the Oklahoma Genealogy Society.


>Oklahoma History & Historical Coverage

The Oklahoman has been chronicling Oklahoma’s history since it was first published in Indian Territory on January 14th 1894. Over the years we’ve covered daily news, state politics, major events and tragedies, all of which you’ll find in print, pictures and video in our archives. We’ve also told the personal histories of countless Oklahomans, from the lofty to the humble, and are committed to continuing to do so. The page showcases some of this content from more than 100 years of dedicated publication.


>History & Historical Travel Sites

From Indian heritage and Viking explorers to land runs and oil booms, Oklahoma has a history unlike any other state. Historical sites throughout the State honor Oklahoma's original residents, settlers and a wide variety of history making people and events. TravelOK maps out locations across the state.


>The Gaylord-Pickens Museum, Oklahoma Hall of Fame

The Museum's interactive exhibits provide visitors the opportunity to experience Oklahoma's history through its people. Visitors meet both famous and everyday Oklahomans whose lives have impacted our state, country and world. The candid nature of the exhibitory allows visitors a unique look into the lives of Oklahomans like Reba McEntire, Wiley Post and Mat Hoffman.


>Oklahoma History Teaching Resources

Lesson plans and related information are provided to encourage the use of primary source materials in the teaching of Oklahoma history . Primary source materials offer students firsthand evidence of history. As students analyze historical records, they practice critical thinking skills and gain a better understanding of people and events. Lesson plans brought to you by the Department of Libraries.









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